My Story

I have been teaching all my life. My daughter and granddaughters tell me I have a lot of wisdom I need to share with others. My first paid job (other than babysitting) was teaching sailing and swimming at age 17. By I realized I was teaching long before that: in the summer between seventh and eighth grade I was teaching other campers in the sailing unit how to tie the knots. I not only knew how to tie the knots, I knew how to teach others to do so. It was who I was and how I thought. To this day, I love to share what I have learned and what I am thinking about with others.

More recently, I retired from my position as admin-faculty at Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Intercultural Studies, a second career I started in my late fifties and have loved it. So here is my definition of retirement: "re-tire: put on a new set of tires for the next adventure!"

My "next adventure" has already included traveling for teaching opportunities to Chang Mai, Thailand; Lagos, Nigeria; Seoul, South Korea; with pending invitations to other places. And I still go sailing whenever I get a chance!

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